Employee Benefits

Mastery. Autonomy. Purpose. These are the core principles that motivate Colloquium’s employees – both current and future. We strive to provide our full-time employees with a top rate, comprehensive benefits package that includes competitive salaries and competitive benefits as well as the freedom to shape their own careers. Our benefits encourage our employees to lead a balanced life with an enriched personal life outside of work while becoming master craftsmen in their fields.


Employee Time Off

Paid Annual Leave

Employees will receive 4 weeks of paid annual leave (PAL), which will accrue at 13.33 hours per pay period. Employees can accrue up to 480 hours of vacation. If you’ve put in 2 years of service at Colloquium, you will be able to sell back half of your accrued vacation to the company.



Each employee will receive 8 fixed holidays and 2 floating days that can be used anytime before the end of the calendar year.


Flexible Work Schedules

Colloquium offers the flexibility our employees need to balance the demands on their personal and professional lives. This includes flexible scheduling and remote work locations.



Colloquium also offers the following benefits to their fulltime employees:

  • Company paid Health and Dental Insurance
  • Company Contributed SEP IRA payments currently equal to 10% of your salary
  • Company Paid Life insurance up to 1X salary
  • Company Paid AD&D Insurance
  • Company Paid Short Term and Long Term Disability


Professional Development

Colloquium provides our employees with the tools they to fulfill their career development and personal growth aspirations, including:

  • Dedicated time for working with your Communities of Practice
  • Discounted training from strategic partners
  • Company paid training options available
  • Support and resources available for participation in industry conferences and working groups