inCommon, Inc. d.b.a. Colloquim is a SEAPORT Enhanced Small Business prime in Zone 2 - National Capital Zone.

Awards/Task Orders

inCommon, Inc. d.b.a. Colloquium will list all awards and task orders as that information becomes available.

Quality Assurance Program

Quality performance and quality assurance is fundamental to inCommon, Inc. Our Quality Assurance Plan and Processes are directed toward:

  • Formally delivered products
  • Informally delivered products
  • Processes employed to produce products and services
  • Corrective procedures
  • Preventative measures

A key success factor in all of our projects is an adherence to a methodology in which our teams release early and release often. First and foremost, we strive to understand our customer’s needs and problems. We then work to develop the best solutions. Our methodology allows our project teams to:

  • Be more responsive to feedback - both customers and team members
  • Build adaptive products based upon actual usage
  • Involve testing earlier in the lifecycle, particularly during the development phase
  • Ensure that the overall user experience meets the needs and concerns of our customer

Throughout our process, we work to ensure that the following essential quality characteristics are considered and implemented:

  • Sound engineering practices
  • Task commitment and focus
  • Mastery of details
  • Processes sufficiently defined to be replicable and testable
  • Recognition of what is fact, what is a matter of probability, and what is conjecture
  • Alternatives sought and considered
  • Teamwork to bring in broader perspective, timeliness, within-budget deliveries and solutions that work

Points of Contact

inCommon, Inc. d.b.a. Colloquium point(s) of Contact for information related to the SeaPort program and on customer satisfaction with the services performed.

D. Christopher Dale
15163 Dahlgren Road, Suite 201
King George, VA 22485
Ph: 540.903.1775